Our Work

TAPS International’s work focuses on four areas:


TAPS International collaborates with countries that have existing organizations supporting the family members of deceased military, such as the Israeli Defense Forces Widows and Orphans or the India War Widows Association. TAPS International works with these organizations to delineate points of collaboration and support.


TAPS seeks to partner with countries who have the infrastructure in place to benchmark TAPS life-saving programs and create their own organizations to support grieving military families. Some examples include the United Kingdom’s Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association’s Bereaved Families Support Group and Australia’s program within the Royal Australian Air Force. Memorandums of Understanding are signed with these groups.


TAPS reaches out to countries with no formal program for the family members of deceased military, yet want to replicate the TAPS model of hope and healing. These programs include such groups at TAPS Ukraine. Memorandums of Understanding are also drafted with these groups.

Working in Country

TAPS International works in countries like Afghanistan, where current situations don’t favor replicating or mentoring work.


TAPS International also hosts quarterly meetings of the Global Federation of Organizations Caring for Military and Conflict Deceased Loved Ones, which serves to connect all organizations which work to support families of the military deceased around the world.

For more information, email us at global@taps.org.