TAPS Ukraine Update

Author: TAPS Ukraine

Thank you to all who have donated to support TAPS Ukraine! Together we have raised $418,764.73!  A special thank you to Whitney Tilson for his heroic efforts to rally those who care, to Telos Corporation and the Good Feet Store for sharing the word far and wide, to the Rosenthal Family Foundation and the Hartwell Foundation, and to all those who gave so generously at a time when Ukraine needs your help to fight for freedom and democracy. 

Your funds have been stretched far to bring the most critical needs to the front lines for TAPS Ukraine, headquartered in Dnipro at the center of Eastern Ukraine. This is where those from the north, east and south are able to find sanctuary, where soldiers from the front are resetting, where children and mothers await their soldier's return, and where bodies are being held in the morgue. 

Thanks to your donations and support, the morale in Dnipro is good and the volunteers feel your support and know that you have their backs.

You have had an enormous impact on the lives of millions of citizens of Ukraine over the past 100 days and you forever have their gratitude. Your donations have purchased supplies of nutritious and sustainable food, high quality boots, safety equipment, and you have enabled us to do the impossible - secure TWO state of the art ambulances fully stocked with emergency medical equipment, already on site and in use to save lives.

TAPS in Ukraine

While we see in the news that there is tremendous government aid on the way to Ukraine, it is not yet always seen in the hardest hit areas - but your donations are there, now, immediately, making a difference and saving lives. 

We have been able to procure locally in Europe and ship through logistics partners who are also giving of their time and resources for us. Every dollar donated has gone immediately to where it is needed - bless you for understanding this impact and choosing to stand strong with Ukraine now. 

TAPS in Ukraine

TAPS in Ukraine

Thank you again on behalf of TAPS Ukraine and thousands of Ukrainians who have been touched by your generosity.

Ukraine Tee Shirt

Order a Tee Shirt and show our solidarity with the families of Ukraine. All proceeds will be donated to TAPS Ukraine and be used to provide humanitarian assistance to families affected by war.


For more information, please please call us at 202.588.8277 or email global@taps.org