Recipients of Grants from TAPS International

Author: TAPS International

TAPS International awarded its first set of grants to partner organizations around the world supporting survivors of conflict. Each grant allows our partners to address specific needs of their communities from providing clean water to supporting the educational needs of children who've lost a parent.

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Grant recipients include the following:

Foundation for Women Affected by Conflict (FOWAC)

Based in Uganda, FOWAC supports women and girls who were victims of the war in Northern Uganda. Widows and women and girls who are former captives of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) face immense challenges in their communities like reintegration, however, even after settling into their community, their socioeconomic mobility and lack thereof becomes another great challenge for survival. The grant from TAPS International will help fund work on creating new or repairing boreholes which are the only source of potable water in communities, as well as creating a revolving financial support mechanism for these returnees.

Softchoice Integrated Social Enterprise Program (SISEP)

Located in Kenya, SISEP will use the funds from the grant from TAPS International to procure energy efficient cooking stoves, known as Jiko Koa, to veterans and military survivors. Currently families must travel to find wood and other materials to burn inside to cook food. Supplies can be hard to find and the burning of wood indoors creates hazardous air to breathe for families. In addition, the cutting of trees for cooking fuel contributes to the adverse effects of climate change felt across different parts of the world.

Hope for the African Child Initiative (HACI)

Located in Nigeria, HACI will provide basic educational supplies for children from families that have lost a loved one during the conflict with violent extremists. Families where the male breadwinner has died suffer from extreme poverty and lack the funds to provide the necessary supplies to enroll their children in school, and even with enrollment into school, comes the challenges of providing school materials. Funds from the grant from TAPS International will be used to purchase basic school supplies such as uniforms, shoes, notebooks and writing supplies so that children can attend school.

Panaga Organization for Education

Located in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the Panaga organization provides well-needed psycho-social support and mental health services in their community. Panaga works with children and women who were held as captives by ISIS during their invasion of Iraq providing care, support and stability through their psycho-social and mental health service. With the grant fund from TAPS International, Panaga will conduct family and individual counseling sessions, healing play sessions for children, community events, and opportunities for story sharing which has shown to be very impactful in the healing process of these women and children.