Burkina Faso Delegation Visit

Author: TAPS International

TAPS International was pleased to welcome to our headquarters a senior military delegation from the Ministry of Defense of Burkina Faso who came to the United State on a familiarization visit. This delegation led by Colonel Major Remi Kambou is visiting the United States to learn from both governmental and non-governmental institutions about the care and support provided to the military, veteran, and survivor communities and their families.

TAPS Augustine Achu presents coin to Burkina Faso Delegation

Coming to our headquarters, Colonel Major Kambou's team learned about our unique programs of care and support to all those grieving the tragic loss of a loved one in the military. We identified areas of collaboration in support of the families of the Burkina Faso military, especially our unique peer-based emotional support among others that comes into play in walking the walk with this unique community.

Burkina Faso Delegation and TAPS Augustine Achu

We welcome this unique opportunity to support the survivors of the military families of Burkina Faso, as they honor the life and service of their loved ones, and we look forward to working together to channel this grief into positive peace, for hope and healing all over the world.

Burkina Faso Delegation and TAPS Augustine Achu

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