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TAPS International operates programs inside of Afghanistan to support the widows and children of Afghan soldiers who died fighting alongside American troops.

In a society where the future of a woman depends on her husband, these widows are almost always left powerless and penniless after the loss of their husband. In Afghan society, the loss of a husband, usually the only source of income for the family, means a total loss of security and stability.

With the help of staff on the ground in Afghanistan, TAPS International trained widows to make jewelry. From these jewelry sales, widows were provided a monthly income allowing them to care for themselves and their families.

Since the Taliban took Kabul in August, the army widows with TAPS International have been unable to work due to the unsafe conditions in Afghanistan. Knowing they need our support, TAPS International continues to send monthly stipends to the widows of Afghan soldiers so they can survive and provide shelter and food for their families.

Helping Widows and Orphans in Kabul

Widows Afghanistan

TAPS International is dedicated to providing food and essential supplies to widows and orphans in Kabul. With our experienced team on the ground, we purchase food and supplies in bulk at discounted prices and distribute them to families in need.

Our food packages satisfy the basic needs of a family of eight for one month. Each package includes essential items such as food and soap.

Your donation of $130 can support an entire Afghan family for one month.

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Afghan Hope Collection

Afghan Hope Collection

Other ways to support the Afghan widows and children we serve is to purchase jewelry from our Afghan Hope collection which helps to fund the monthly stipends sent to widows.

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Email us at global@taps.org.