About Us

TAPS International Mission

We strive to elevate the voices of those who have paid the ultimate price for the freedom of their countries
with the commitment to raise future generations of victims of violence in peace and stability.


Taps International Group Photo

Create a Global Community

Our goal at TAPS International is to share best practices in peer based emotional support programs; to bring the surviving families of coalition partners who served together and died together into an international network of support; to strengthen an understanding between cultures of coalition partners that grief is universal; and to give surviving families a voice in creating stable societies, thereby continuing the mission their loved one died for.

Two women raise peace sign at San Francisco Bridge

Make the World Safer

To ensure stabilization, to build peace, and to enable healing of transgenerational trauma, the grief and trauma of the those who have suffered must be addressed and resolved. Through this global healing effort, we will raise the voices of the surviving families of those who fought for freedom and give the next generation a path to peace.