Focus On Your Whole Self

Grief can leave us wondering who we are after our loss and what’s next in life. We forget to take care of ourselves — mind, body and spirit. A walk around the block suddenly becomes taxing. Planning for the future and setting goals seem almost impossible.

TAPS is here to guide you toward a healthier, fuller life by improving your physical fitness and mental well-being. As a community, we’ll encourage one another to continue reaching our health and wellness goals.


Inner Warrior, sneakers

The TAPS Inner Warrior program focuses on helping you become as healthy as you can be so you can use the tools of your own mind and body to support and guide your grief. Through practical tools and knowledge, we’ll help you move your body and make health a priority.


TAPS Empowerment Retreat, Meditation

The TAPS Empowerment program helps us incorporate concepts of identity and spirituality into transformative goal-setting. Together, we’ll answer the hard questions grief brings like “why am I here?” and “what is my purpose?” We’ll renew our sense of self, balance and confidence.