State Survivor Benefits For Vermont

Armed Services Scholarship


  • Children and remarried or unremarried spouses
  • There are no cause of death stipulations as long as service member was on active duty, in the Reserves or in the National Guard and died on or after January 1, 2001
  • Service member must have been a Vermont state resident at time of death, there is no residency requirement for the student
  • Can be used with federal benefits


  • Award of the amount for tuition after all other financial aid is accounted for
  • Students must apply for a Federal Pell Grant to qualify
  • Can be used for a maximum of 130 credits
  • Can only be used towards an undergraduate degree
  • Award is equal to the amount of full tuition at a Vermont state funded postsecondary institution, but can be used towards a private institution in Vermont


  • Copy of DD1300 or DD214
  • Copy of service members death certificate
  • Copy of marriage license for spouses
  • Copy of birth certificate for students
  • Proof of residency for the service member
  • Certification from the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Application which is available at any Vermont National Guard office

Application due date: Rolling deadline

Contact for further information: Msgt Louis Mossey- (802) 660-5228; Sgt. Jessica Jaggars (802) 338-3378

Note: This information is current as of September 16, 2014. The information provided is meant to provide a general overview of the state benefits and should be considered in connection with individual circumstances.