Leadership Committee Co-Chairs

  • Pat Burke
    President and CEO, HSBC Bank USA
  • Jerry DeMuro
    President and CEO, BAE Systems, Inc.
  • Harriet Dominique
    President, USAA Foundation
  • Mark Grier
    Vice Chairman, Prudential Financial, Inc.
  • Gregory Hayes
    President and CEO, United Technologies Corporation
  • Wilson Jones
    President and CEO, Oshkosh Corporation
  • Billy Maynard
    President & CEO, Health Net Federal Services
  • Lewis Von Thaer
    CEO, DynCorp International
  • John Wood
    Chief Executive Officer, Telos Corporation


Leadership Committee

  • Hugh Amundson
    Raytheon Company
  • Mike Bouchard
    Janus Global Operations
  • Brian Conklin
  • Sharon Duke
    United Concordia Dental
  • Bill Earle
    Nat Assn of Beverage Importers
  • Kevin Fromer
    HSBC Bank
  • Greg Gass
    GE Aviation
  • Glenn Gray
    TriWest Healthcare Alliance
  • Matt Green
    DRS Technologies, Inc.
  • Buzz Hefti, Chairman Emeritus
    TAPS Board of Directors
  • Peter Holland
    United Technologies Corporation
  • Lisa Iannarino
    CSRA, Inc.
  • Lesley Kalan
    Northrup Grumman Corporation
  • Jim Lovelace
  • Tracy Malone
    UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans
  • Mark Meservey
    Oshkosh Defense
  • Mary Claire Murphy
  • Chris Peace, Co-Chair
    Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Allison Phillipp
    Telos Corporation
  • Jason Rossbach, Co-Chair
    DynCorp International
  • Sarah Saxton
    Atlas Research
  • Charles Sevola
    Prudential Financial
  • Shelly Stoneman
    BAE Systems, Inc.
  • Pam Swanson
    Health Net Federal Services


Ambassador Committee

  • Ellyn Dunford
    Spouse of General Joseph Dunford, USMC
  • Dawn Goldfein
    Spouse of General David Goldfein, USAF
  • Hollyanne Milley
    Spouse of General Mark Milley, USA
  • Sally Lengyel
    Spouse of General Joseph Lengyel, USAF
  • D’Arcy Neller
    Spouse of General Robert Neller, USMC
  • Fran DeNinno-Zukunft
    Spouse of Admiral Paul Zukunft, USCG
  • Dana Richardson
    Spouse of Admiral John Richardson, USN


Gala Stars

  • Debbie Allyn
    Spouse of General Daniel Allyn, USA
  • Kelly Hokanson
    Spouse of Lt. General Dan Hokanson, USA
  • Susan Bender
    Spouse of Lt. General William Bender, USAF
  • Claudia Michel
    Spouse of VADM Charles Michel, USCG
  • Janet Cantrell
    Spouse of MCPOCG Steven Cantrell, USCG
  • Patricia Moran
    Spouse of Admiral Bill Moran, USN
  • Sheila Casey
    Spouse of General George Casey, USA (Ret)
  • Deborah Mullen, Chair
    Spouse of Admiral Michael Mullen, USN (Ret)
  • Annette Conway
    Spouse of General James Conway, USMC (Ret)
  • Suzie Schwartz
    Spouse of General Norton Schwartz, USAF (Ret)
  • Holly Dailey
    Spouse of SMA Dan Dailey, USA
  • Gail Walters
    Spouse of Lt. Gen. Glenn Walters, USMC
  • Margaret Gibson
    Spouse of The Honorable Sloan Gibson
  • Sue Whelan
    Spouse of Maj. General Martin Whelan, USAF
  • Elka Giordano
    Spouse of MPCON Steven Giordano, USN
  • Nancy Wilson
    Spouse of Lt. General Stephen Wilson, USAF
  • Mary Winnefeld
    Spouse of ADM James Winnefeld, USN (Ret)