TAPS Togethers: Generosity of Scars Storytelling Workshop by the Heroes Journey

add to outlook calendar add to gmail calendar January 7, 2023, 9:00 AM-1:00 PM Eastern
Catholic University, Washington, D.C.
Registration Close Date: January 7, 2023

This workshop is open to all adult military survivors and TAPS Military Mentors. 

We welcome you to join local adult survivors and TAPS Military Mentors at the Generosity of Scars Storytelling Workshop. Presented by the Gary Sinise Foundation and a product of The Heroes Journey, these storytelling workshops help warriors and military family members connect with their new lives and purpose beyond the military through storytelling. 

The Callan Theatre
Catholic University Drama Complex

3801 Harewood Road Northeast
Washington, D.C. 20017

If you have any questions, please reach out to tapstogethers@taps.org.

silhouette of manPhoto: Pixabay

About TAPS Togethers

Community is important!  This is why we create a broad variety of opportunities to bring the TAPS family together.  TAPS Togethers are one-day, organized, social events across the country, led by TAPS Staff or a survivor like you, with the goal of expanding our peer support community. 

If there is not a TAPS Togethers event in your area, consider hosting one. You know your community best! Perhaps you know of a simple cost-effective way to bring TAPS families together for a day of hope and healing in your area. We would love to hear from you! Please submit your idea and we will connect with you to explore the possibilities.

For more information about TAPS Togethers, please email tapstogethers@taps.org or call us at 800-959-TAPS (8277).