Providence Area TAPS Together

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Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island State Capitol Tour: One of the grandest state houses for the country's smallest state. It was designed by the renowned architectural firm of McKim, Mead and White, who is noted for the Boston Public Library (1895) and renovations to the White House (1902).

Rhode Island State House
82 Smith Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02903 


Rhode Island State Capitol

About TAPS Togethers

TAPS Togethers are one-day events across the country with a focus on bringing the TAPS Community together in an organized, social setting lead by TAPS Staff or Peer Mentors. Impactful experiences and organic conversations occur and encourage hope and healing when TAPS families are together. 

TAPS Togethers are a cost effective way to make an impact at a grass-roots level.  Examples of TAPS Togethers include: coffees, museum trips, Minor League games, horse camps, outdoor adventures, yoga, BBQs, potlucks, visiting your local county fair, and service projects.

If there's not a TAPS Together or Care Group in your area and you're interested in finding other local community support you can request a community resource report. If you're interested in starting a group in your area, the first step is to become a TAPS Peer Mentor. For more information about a TAPS Together or Care Group or becoming a peer mentor, please email or call us at 800-959-TAPS (8277).