TAPS Seminars and Good Grief Camps

January 1 - December 31, 2020

 Check out our TAPS Seminars and Good Grief Camps coming in 2020! 

  • February 21 to 23
    Southern Regional Seminar
    Dallas, Texas

  • March 27-29
    Mountain Regional Seminar
    Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • May 22-25
    26th Annual National Military Survivor Seminar
    Arlington, Virginia

  • June 12-14
    Southeast Regional Seminar
    Jacksonville, Florida

  • July 10-12
    Western Regional Seminar
    Los Angeles, California

  • August 21-23
    Midwest Regional Seminar
    Columbus, Ohio

  • September 18-20
    Northeast Regional Seminar
    East Brunswick, New Jersey

  • October 16-19
    12th Annual National Military Suicide Survivor Seminar
    Boston, Massachusetts

  • November 13-15
    Central Regional Seminar
    St. Louis, Missouri

More events and event details are added to the TAPS events calendar as they become available.  We hope to see you soon at a location near you!