Coping Skills: Self-care for a Clearer Outlook

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We request you sign up at least 24 hours before you attend this session so that we can ensure the integrity of the group and answer any questions you may have.

Survivors doing Yoga

Our bodies hold a great deal of tension in the head, jaw, neck, and shoulders. When we experience stiffness and pain in this region of the body, it can affect posture, comfort, and even our ability to look and move around with ease. Join us to practice some self-massage techniques that you can use to relieve neck pain, shoulder pain, and even frequent tension headaches. You’ll need two lacrosse- or tennis-sized balls (we’ll provide more information on that when you sign up) and a willingness to invest in your own self-care.



January’s online offerings include three unique sessions (they’re only available online!) that are aimed at bringing some mindfulness, some movement, and some motivation into the first month of your year. There may be no such thing as a “good start” to a year without your loved one, but we do know that there can be a better start. 

Two of this month’s sessions involve materials (vision boards) or simple tools (self-care) - for those, more information on what you might need will come with the email confirmation that you get when you sign up. All of this month’s sessions are hosted by TAPS staff, who are also looking forward to seeing you and who are happy to answer any questions email 

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What to Expect

What you’ll need: Two balls that we will use to help release tension in the shoulders and neck. There are lots of specialty myofascial release tools available, like the ones on this list. However, you can also use two lacrosse balls or two tennis balls. Having a few different options around is never a bad idea - there are many ways to vary the intensity, and you may find you like a tool that’s denser or softer.


Community Guidelines

We ask that you log onto Zoom 5 minutes prior to each session as we will start our online group promptly at start time listed above. Please review our Community Guidelines to one another in advance of joining. Admission to each session will close 10 minutes after the start time.


How to Participate

  • All sessions require registration through TAPS Zoom Account (look for the blue sign up button at the top of this page).
  • All sessions will take place via Zoom. Meeting access information will be sent to you after you sign up.
  • Reminder emails will be sent before each session. 

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