National Seminar Mobile App

Virtual National Military Survivor Seminar and Family Program
May 19 - 25, 2020

National Seminar Mobile App

Virtual National Military Survivor Seminar and Family Program
May 19 - 25, 2020


Download the Seminar Mobile App

NOTE: The mobile app will go live and email notifications sent to all those registered for the 2020 National Seminar the week before the seminar. It is not necessary to request access until you receive this email notification that the mobile app is ready. 


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TAPS is excited to once again provide a mobile app for the 2020 Virtual National Military Survivor Seminar and Family Camp. We believe it is invaluable to welcome our returning families and introduce first-time attendees to the seminar activities before the event starts. This helps us avoid overwhelming you with logistics details, so you can focus on the many healing resources available at the seminar.


Where to Find the App

You can download the app for iOS or Android devices in the App Store and Google Play store by searching “TAPS Events."  The app will move up in rankings as more people search for it, but if you don't see it at the top of your search results, just scroll down and look for TAPS Events. Alternatively, the direct link to app on mobile device is: and on desktop it is:


How to Access the App

The mobile app will be live in early May, and all registered attendees will receive an email inviting them to join the seminar event community.  

Access to the app is a two-step security verification, which requires an individual email and personalized verification code for each user.

If you are registered under another family member’s email, please fill out a registration form to access the app and set up your own profile. TAPS staff will update your record and confirm your access to the mobile app as quickly as possible — usually within a few hours.


IMPORTANT: TAPS implemented an all-new mobile event app for 2019. If you have used a TAPS events app in previous years, you may wish to delete the old version of the app on your device and reload with the new TAPS Events app in the stores.


Why You Should Download App

The TAPS Events app puts advance details about the seminar right in the palm of your hand. You can connect with fellow survivors and get logistic updates and reminders during the event. This interactive tool will allow you to share stories and experiences, engage with TAPS through our social networks and post pictures of your favorite TAPS family events and activities — all in one place.

Not sure where to go? Recommended session schedules for different grief programming and speaker information are all built into the easy-to-navigate app. We are hard at work to ensure this app makes the experience at the seminar easier and smoother, so you can focus on healing.

For any questions or technical support before or during the event, please email