TAPS International Grant Application

This grant application for up to $1,000 is for organizations with annual operating budgets under $250,000 that directly serve families of deceased military members.  It is comprised of 7 sections. Be prepared to provide information on your organization such as history, program and activities, accomplishments in the past 3 years and key staff. You will be asked to provide details such as the objectives to be meet, timeline, project budget, sustainability after funds are exhausted, and how the project will be evaluated. Have an annual report in PDF format or web link ready to upload/share.

Section One: Proposal Overview

Please provide an overview of your proposal, including: 1) Brief description of the proposal; 2) Purpose and key anticipated outcomes; 3) Individuals or communities served; 4) Amount of funding requested; 5) Overview of how funds will be spent; 6) Timeline.

Section Two: Organization information

Section Three: Proposal details

Section Four: Evaluation information

Section Five: Supplementary information

Section Five: Supplementary information

Section Six: Organizations Contact information

Section Seven: Certification

I certify that our organization meets the following criteria: *