Root to Rise - Winter

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Virtual Women's Empowerment Intensive
Registration Open from November 3, 2021 to November 22, 2021

This virtual retreat is especially suited for female military survivors at least six months out from their loss who are working through questions of identity and purpose.

Grief and trauma can disrupt our feelings of stability and safety. As we mourn what happened to the people we love, we also have to adjust to the new realities in our everyday lives. 

Surviving woman at Empowerment retreat

We’ve all heard it said that the only constant thing is change - and, while that’s true, it doesn’t mean that it’s always easy. Following loss, lifestyles that we’ve worked hard to nourish and sustain may not feel stable or even relevant. It may seem as though we’ve been plucked from one reality and plopped down in a strange land where we don’t even recognize ourselves.

If you’re working through questions of identity and purpose, you aren’t alone. We invite you to attend our Root to Rise Virtual Weekend Intensive, a program that encourages surviving women to explore new ways to feel both comforted and challenged, eased and empowered. 

Over the course of three sessions, we’ll help each other develop resilience skills. We’ll use gentle movement, art, and the power of shared experience to connect with, learn from, and inspire each other. We’ll ground down in new ways so that we can grow strong in new ways.

We call this experience our “Root to Rise” intensive for that reason. By honoring who we’ve been, we can become who we need to be. When the roots are deep, we can move with the winds of change - honoring what we’ve lost and leaning, together, into moments of lift.



Root to Rise is a virtual Women's Empowerment retreat takes place over one weekend and includes:

  • Group Zoom Session: Sessions will be held for two hours on Friday night, five hours on Saturday, and four hours on Sunday (with breaks!). 
  • Creative Projects: As creative expression is an integral part of our Women's Empowerment program, you will be asked to participate in several modules for which you may need basic art supplies. A supply list will be provided beforehand and nothing fancy will be required.
  • Physical Activities: The Root to Rise intensive includes two movement sessions, and you will be asked to participate in these to the best of your ability.
  • Toolkit: Prior to the start of the retreat, you'll receive a downloadable Root to Rise Women's Empowerment Toolkit. It will be a printable workbook/journal that you'll use as a guide during our time together.

Surviving women at Empowerment retreat



All times listed below are in the Eastern time zone.

  • Friday, December 3
    Welcome and Overview, 6 to 8 p.m.
  • Saturday, December 4
    11 to 4 p.m. (with breaks)
    Day will start with a morning mobility and strength session
  • Sunday, December 5
    11 to 2 p.m. (with breaks)
    Day will end with a mindful movement



We recommend that you treat this (as much as possible) as you would an in-person retreat. One of the benefits of an in-person retreat is that you’re forced to leave behind the distractions of everyday life. One of the benefits of a virtual retreat, though, is that you’re already practicing that integration. That said, if you’re able, we encourage you to find child care, stay in a hotel - whatever you can manage to ensure that you can spend some time focusing on your own grief and growth. At the very least, you are asked to secure spaces where you can participate without distraction and interruption. In order to protect the integrity of our sessions, we ask that you join mindfully and without divided attention.

Because each session builds on the one before, we ask that participants attend all three sessions in their entirety. Plan to block out 11 hours, two hours Friday, five hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday. 

Surviving women at Empowerment retreat



This retreat is open to all female survivors who are more than six months out from their loss.

There are no physical requirements for this program; however, everyone will be expected to find a way to participate in the spirit of the activity. If you have questions about potential physical challenges (we've all got them!), please email us and we'll make sure to help you work through them.

Survivors do not need to be artistic to participate, however, you'll need to be at a place where you can break out the paper and pencil for writing prompts, art activities, and for writing down the really important things you hear other participants say.

No Cost, Great Benefit: Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to offer this experience to you at no cost.



Registration is open from November 3 to 22, 2021 (look for the blue button at the top of this page at that time). 

For questions, please email or call 800-959-TAPS (8277).