Family Night: Art with Ange Marie Dwyer

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Youth Programs' Virtual Program
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Note: This group is 1 of 4 Youth Programs' Virtual Program offerings for young survivors grieving the death of a military loved one. Visit Youth Programs for more information about Youth Programs' Virtual Program to include the quarterly activity book and answers to frequently asked questions.

During our Youth Programs' Virtual Program, the Family Nights offer an opportunity for a unique and exciting experience for the whole family to bond, support each other, communicate together, and have fun. Each Family Night will be different from the next where we might have special guests, exciting themes, creative activities, and simply time to spend together with our TAPS families.


This Month's Topic: Winter Shadow Art

Mixed media artist Ange Marie Dwyer is so excited to share an art project with you! Art is a wonderful way to express ourselves, our thoughts and our feelings using colors, words, paints, papers, fabrics and more. It is a chance to have a visual conversation with our soul.

Shadows move and change and present a special opportunity to help us create unique expressions of art and feelings! Using some basic supplies I will show you how to take the shadows created with the winter light and various objects around your home and make art. We will focus on combining random shadows, shapes and positive and negative space. This is a perfect activity for almost any age though younger children would have the most success working with an older sibling, family member or adult.


Please use what you have! I will show how you can use different materials to make this project work based on what you have at home.  Art doesn't have to be expensive!

  • Safe creative space near a sunny window or lamp
  • Pencil
  • One or more of the following - Watercolor paints and Water, Acrylic Paints, Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils, Pens
  • One of the following - Canvas, Watercolor Paper, Sketchpad or even Cardboard or cloth (use what you have, we can make almost anything work!  For best results please use an item that is at least 14” x 16” or larger.


Making Art

Ange Marie Dwyer

Ange Marie Dwyer

Ange Marie Dwyer is a mixed media artist, teacher, tutu wearer and writer that currently lives in Colorado. Drawing on her life experiences as a woman and U.S. Army veteran, Ange Marie travels throughout the country teaching the healing power and fun of creativity and art to military service organizations and non profit groups. She has been a volunteer with TAPS for 4 years, teaching break out art sessions for the TAPS youth program during national and regional events. Her hobbies include making tacos, playing with her two dogs and exploring vintage shops. She is also a wife to a veteran and a mother to two young men.


How to Participate

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If you are not yet a part of our larger TAPS family, please call our 24/7 Helpline at 800-959-8277

The Family Night will take place via Zoom. The link to access will be sent to you after you register your child. Weekly reminder emails will be sent before each care group.

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