Virtual Session: WE Make Space

add to outlook calendar add to gmail calendar October 16, 2020, 12:00 PM-1:30 PM Eastern
Online Host: Emily Munoz

This 30 to 60 minute session is for all surviving women.

Make space in your life for movement. Make space in your body for your breath. Make space in your soul for healing. Our Friday WE Make Space sessions will focus on finding length and strength, of being mindful of purposeful expansion and extension and being grateful for comfort and body/brain organization. 

This is a movement session, but a gentle one. We’ll use a chair for movement - sometimes to sit, sometimes to support. Our focus will be on breathing, stretching, and low impact movement. You won’t have to worry about disturbing your colleagues, family, or downstairs neighbors with a lot of jumping; instead, we’ll work on balance, control, and strengthening. For this reason, it’s certainly appropriate to be barefoot, although if supportive footwear is more appropriate for your shape and design.

Please have ready access to a yoga mat (or towel, or blanket to sub for a mat); a chair; a scarf, yoga strap, or towel; pillow or bolster; and blanket (other than the one you are using as a mat). More info will come in weekly emails that will give you an idea of what we're doing. There’s absolutely no need to buy equipment, we will provide you a list of props. The only thing you really need is a willingness to create some expansion in your body and in your mind, and to start filling that space with compassionate self-care.

Participants with mobility, health, or other concerns are asked to reach out at least 24 hours before their first session.


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How to Participate

  • All sessions require registration through the TAPS registration system (look for the blue register button at the top of this page). If you are not yet a part of our larger TAPS family, please call our 24/7 Helpline at 202-588-8277 or 800-959-8277.
  • All sessions will take place via Zoom. Meeting access information will be sent to you after you register.
  • Weekly reminder emails will be sent before each session.

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