Virtual Session: WE Circle - Empowered Grieving

add to outlook calendar add to gmail calendar November 10, 2020 , 12 p.m. or 7 p.m. Eastern
Online Host: Erin Jacobson and/or Emily Munoz

This 60 to 90 minute session is for all surviving women.

Grief can be so loud and so quiet. Sometimes it is all we can hear; sometimes it’s a whisper in the background reminding us that things are different. There are huge changes that demand attention; sometimes, though, smaller adjustments creep up on us. Grief comes in and out of our life with no heed to time and even if our loss occurred years ago, there are days where it feels so present.  

At our Empowered Grieving circles, we’ll use weekly themes to explore what’s happening in our hearts and in our lives. Empowered Grieving circles differ from Empowered Living circles in that the reflection topics will be specifically oriented toward the grief process. These discussions will center around how to navigate and support each other through all of the voices and volumes of active grieving. 

Join us every week as we explore new ways to process our losses, share our stories and find empowerment with one another.  Each week features a new theme, topic, or speaker that will help your emotional cup stay full and your mind stay engaged. More importantly - you’ll be able to talk about what’s going on in your life and in your heart. 

Sessions are at 12:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Eastern on Tuesdays. You’ll need to register to attend (and to get the Zoom info!); we can’t wait to see you.  


Empowerment Retreat


Participant Guidelines

Each Women’s Empowerment Circle is a safe space where we can listen, learn, express ourselves, and remind ourselves that no matter where we are, there’s a place we can call home.

  • You may come to any circle that you’d like as often as you’d like. You do not have to “choose” or commit to a “track.”
  • We know grief is not linear. If there are weeks when you’re wanting to reflect on how you’re moving purposefully and intentionally on your life path, join Empowered Living. If you’re really grieving a newer loss, hitting a hard milestone, or needing to discuss the how much space grief is demanding in your life, join Empowered Grieving.
  • Active grief is especially welcome in the Empowered Grieving circle. Support is the constant; however, we do ask that you honor the intention of each session.
  • There are no time since loss guidelines; however, those with newer losses or those working through complicated grief may feel more comfortable in Empowered Grieving.


How to Participate

  • All sessions require registration through the TAPS registration system (look for the blue register button at the top of this page). If you are not yet a part of our larger TAPS family, please call our 24/7 Helpline at 202-588-8277 or 800-959-8277.
  • All sessions will take place via Zoom. Links will be the same for each weekly session (all Empowered Grieving sessions have the same link; all WE Create, etc.). This information will be sent to you after you register.
  • Weekly reminder emails will be sent before each session.

For more information, contact us at