#GratefulNation Remembrance Campaign

This Memorial Day, TAPS invites all our survivors and stakeholders to share in the national remembrances of fallen heroes by submitting a personal reflection and photo to be shared on TAPS social media throughout Memorial Day weekend. The photo and caption should inspire those across the #GratefulNation to go beyond symbols and slogans to actions on behalf of the larger military family and particularly the TAPS Family.  

Rules for submission

  • Attach a high resolution photo depicting a scene reflective of Memorial Day or every day as Memorial Day and best represents your perspective of the holiday, your life as a surviving family member or the life of your hero, or your role stakeholder.
  • Provide a caption - 260 characters max (tweet size) - expressing what you wish the #GratefulNation to know about either your life beyond the folded flag or continuing support for families of the fallen beyond the folded flag. See examples below for photo and caption ideas.
  • You may submit more than one photo and caption.
  • All photos and captions must be submitted no later than 12 p.m. Eastern on May 18, 2018.

Good Grief Camp Mentor and Kid

I volunteer with TAPS Good Grief Camp in memory of one of the finest men I knew, MSG Pablo Ruiz. I think of all the kids Pablo mentored and the impact his life still has on us. I'm to make it count for his family and all families of the fallen.

Little girl at Arlington Cemetery

I don't have memories of my dad. He died in the war when I was a baby. My grandparents tell me silly stories about him. It helps me feel connected to him. Now when I'm being silly with friends I know that comes from my dad. I have something to remember.

Kim Ruocco

People can act weird when I talk about my dad. To them he's dead. But to me he IS my dad. He'll always be my dad. There is no past tense for him. He happens to be dead but that's not the end of his story. He's still got a lot of life left in me.

Danny Weiss

Danny left us with a void so large, without the support of TAPS I'm not sure I'd have survived. Since his death I've learned what it is to serve others as his living legacy. It doesn't fill the void but it allows me to carry on with him always in my heart.

Buzz Hefti

Many of us are never sure how such a sacrifice can be repaid. I jumped in to support TAPS out of respect for such sacrifices. At events with families of the fallen I get to let them know they're never alone and never forgotten. What an honor!


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