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 “I owe my all to TAPS and those who travelled this road ahead of me, as they were the ones who pulled me through. The chats give me peace and I hope to give peace to others. It’s been a rocky road for all of us, and I am better today because of TAPS.” ~ TAPS survivor and chat room participant Linda Bishop 

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We can often feel isolated as we face each day in our unexpected “new” life. We crave connection and the company of those who have shared our experience. We search for kindred spirits that can provide a listening ear, a gentle touch, an understanding heart; people with whom we can find a sense of calm in an otherwise chaotic life.

TAPS offers ongoing connection through our online community, linking us each and every day for sharing our grief, our challenges, our hopes, and our loved ones. Within the online community, there are different venues to meet the needs and comfort levels of our family of survivors.

  • Chat rooms provide real time conversations each week in a supportive environment. Our general discussion chats are open to all survivors. We also have monthly sessions that are focused on specific relationships including parents, siblings, spouses, and suicide survivors. 
  • Peer group sites on Yahoo offer ongoing connections in a message board format. You can post and read messages anytime, as well as share photos and special days. Whether you just read what others post or you actively post yourself, you will gain strength and support from the others in the groups. 
  • The message board topic forums allow you to share with others on a variety of subjects including anniversaries and special dates, coping for the long term, things people say, sharing experiences at TAPS events, and our weekly Saturday morning messages. You can subscribe to receive postings from all topics or just those that are of interest to you.

Join us in the TAPS Online Community. Whether you are new to the grief journey, or you are several years down the road, we are here for you! Reach out whenever you need to and find a companion, a shoulder to lean on, and a friend.

To find out more about the Online Community and to register for access, visit our website at www.taps.org and click on Online Community. We are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you ever feel you need to speak to someone urgently, please contact TAPS at 800-959-TAPS(8277). 

The support offered in the chat rooms, peer groups, and message boards are peer based: survivors reaching out and connecting with survivors in a gentle, supportive, and caring atmosphere. The TAPS Online Community is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment by a medical professional or clinical counselor. It can be used in addition to family and friends to form a strong support network.

Ellen AndrewsBy Ellen Andrews, Manager, TAPS Online Community: Ellen has served as the Online Community Manager for TAPS since 2008. In this capacity, she oversees and moderates chat rooms, message boards and forums. She also contributes to and serves on the editorial board for TAPS Magazine. Ellen draws from her own personal experience to assist others. She was engaged to Navy Lieutenant David J. Huber, who was killed in an aviation accident shortly before their wedding in 1995.