Contributions by Darcie Sims

Is Winter Paradise in Disguise?

There ought to be a law! There ought to be a law against snow and ice and winter.

12/21/2013 - Darcie Sims
Reaching Out to Others

Each time we reach out across our own pain to find another hand searching in the darkness, we begin to lighten our own darkness.

9/21/2013 - Darcie Sims
Myths about Children and Grief

Children are often shuttled off or ignored by adults who may be grieving themselves and do not have the energy, resources, or understanding necessary to help them

6/21/2013 - Darcie Sims
Good Mourning Podcast: The Many Faces of Grief

Darcie SimsTAPS' own Darcie Sims has a new weekly podcast entitled Good Mourning: The Many Faces of Grief.

5/17/2013 - Darcie Sims
Moments…Just Moments

Have you ever had a moment? You know, a moment when time stood still and everything was as it should be—right and good and whole and wonderful.

3/21/2013 - Darcie Sims
Handling the Holidays

The holidays are coming and I’m not ready. Everything seems to sparkle and there is always so much to do!

12/21/2012 - Darcie Sims
Mending the Family Circle

Come with me and know that we are all a family circle, broken by death, but mended by love.

9/21/2012 - Darcie Sims
So You Think You’re Going Crazy?

I first began to think about going crazy shortly after our son died. It seemed innocent enough in the beginning.

6/21/2012 - Darcie Sims
Pedaling Fast, Headed Nowhere

Riding an exercise bike is a lot like grieving. We seem to be pedaling fast and sometimes, it seems as if we are going nowhere.

3/21/2012 - Darcie Sims
Winter Wallowing

Though winter seems to have more than its share of less than wondrous days, occasionally we have an especially down day.

12/21/2011 - Darcie Sims
Star Light, Star Bright

Look skyward tonight and find your special star. And instead of embracing the emptiness, cherish the space that love always fills.

6/21/2011 - Darcie Sims
Adjusting to a New Normal

Maybe it has become normal to feel that bittersweetness brush past my heart occasionally. Maybe we are learning to redefine normal.

3/21/2011 - Darcie Sims
After the Holidays

Perhaps that is the secret to melting winter into spring. The challenge is to always carve out something beautiful from the icicle.

12/21/2010 - Darcie Sims
What Does 'Recover' Mean?

Grief isn’t a seasonal song. It’s a lifetime song, but it doesn’t have to be a sad song forever.

6/21/2010 - Darcie Sims
In Search of Joy

There are no timetables for grief and no one right way to grieve. There are as many ways to grieve as there are people grieving.

3/21/2010 - Darcie Sims
The Empty Chair

There’s an empty chair in our house and I am not sure what to do with it. It’s been empty a long time.

12/21/2009 - Darcie Sims
A Change of Season

A new season...a new way of looking at things and of remembering the joy we shared. I don’t want to miss that anymore, so I’ll just start remembering you as you lived.

9/21/2009 - Darcie Sims
A Breath of Summertime—Anytime

Make the commitment to grow quiet within and listen to the music of yourself. Take one small footstep each day.

6/21/2009 - Darcie Sims
Stop, Look, Listen

Even though death comes, love never goes away. Grow quiet. Sit a spell and reconnect to the magic, the wonder, and the joy that dwells within.

3/21/2009 - Darcie Sims

Every time you see a snowflake or just imagine one, remember to cherish its unique design and pattern…and to cherish your unique footprint through grief.

12/21/2008 - Darcie Sims
Finding Joy in the Midst of Despair

Humor helps bring balance back into our lives, at a time when we may not believe there will ever be another joyful moment to be found.

9/21/2008 - Darcie Sims