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2011 Sibling Retreat
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2012 Sibling Retreat - Seattle
"Siblings are like witnesses to your life’s history. Brothers and sisters are part of your past, present and future. In the early days of my grief, my brain struggled to catch up with what my heart already knew….Then I found TAPS. It was like finding a missing piece to the puzzle. The biggest comfort TAPS gave me was the knowledge that there were others in my position." – Elizabeth Doherty, TAPS Sibling Survivor
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TAPS Event | Experience the wonders of the Blue Ridge Mountains in beautiful, artistic and serene Asheville, NC! Connect with other surviving siblings and create lifelong friendships as we celebrate our heroes and help each other move forward in our grief.
Our Stories: Sibling
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Rocking Chairs and Christmas Tree  

Rock On
By Michele Hiester Marcum, surviving sister of MSG Michael T. Hiester

TAPS Magazine | When I was about three years old, I received a diminutive barrel-back rocker for Christmas from my aunt and uncle. Secured against the bottom runner was a little music box that would play a tinny melody with each forward motion. And when I rocked back, the music stopped. I don’t remember what my brother received that year, but I’m certain it paled in comparison to the significance of my gift. I loved that little chair, and when I left home to start my own family, it traveled with me.
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