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2011 Sibling Retreat
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2012 Sibling Retreat - Seattle
"Siblings are like witnesses to your life’s history. Brothers and sisters are part of your past, present and future. In the early days of my grief, my brain struggled to catch up with what my heart already knew….Then I found TAPS. It was like finding a missing piece to the puzzle. The biggest comfort TAPS gave me was the knowledge that there were others in my position." – Elizabeth Doherty, TAPS Sibling Survivor
Miami Water  
TAPS Event | Experience the beauty and serenity of the Florida Gulf Coast as we connect with other surviving siblings, create lifelong friendships and celebrate our heroes as we help each other move forward in our journey.
Our Stories: Sibling
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Holiday Table Setting  
TAPS Magazine | Sometimes people expect us to plaster a smile on our faces and go about the holidays as if nothing were wrong. They don’t understand that every day is a challenge for us, especially in the early years and especially during the winter holiday season. Here are some honest observations from TAPS survivors about coping with the holidays. Although we may have different faith backgrounds and different relationships to our loved one, we can still find strength in each other and hope for this coming holiday season.
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