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I hope we can all join together to better understand the mystery of suicide and offer support to those left behind.” – Kim Ruocco, TAPS Spouse

In the aftermath of a death by suicide, there may be confusion and questions circling in your mind. What if? Why? What could I have done? These are questions often asked by people who experience the death of a loved one, but they take on expanded meaning to people facing grief when their loved ones have died by suicide. You are not alone. TAPS is here to walk alongside you and offer comfort and help. Suicide survivors are welcome at all TAPS events for families of our fallen. There is a special suicide loss chat each month and we hold an annual gathering for suicide survivors in the fall.

Our Stories: Suicide
Morrison, Rebecca  

TAPS Suicide Survivor Seminar
By Rebecca Morrison, surviving spouse of Army Captain Ian Morrison

TAPS Magazine |
My New Family

Thursday morning I bounced out of bed early and yelled “Oh my gosh!” I never get up on time and certainly never bounce. But this morning I knew that I would be headed to California for the TAPS seminar. I went to work and taught my lessons, but couldn’t hide my excitement over my pending trip. So at noon Texas time I darn near bolted out of the elementary school and ran home to grab my suitcase.

Bobbie's picture for blog  
TAPS Blog | Today on the TAPS Blog, surviving mother Bobbie McHenry speaks about the compassionate support she and her family have received from TAPS since her son Christopher died. She shares about a special mission her two surviving sons organized to honor their brother and help raise awareness and funds for TAPS. She writes, "I'm so proud of my boys for doing this. I truly love the idea of paying it forward to this wonderful organization. Planning this event is also helping us cope with the loss of our son and their brother."
2012 Suicide Survivor Seminar in San Diego  
TAPS Event | You are warmly invited to join TAPS for a special program of comfort and support for all those grieving the suicide loss of a loved one who served in the Armed Forces. Come honor your hero and share his or her life, memory and service with others who have lost a loved one to suicide.
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