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TAPS MAGAZINE - Spring 2015
Spring 2015 Cover

TAPS Magazine is published quarterly and sent free of charge to survivors, their friends and family, service members, and professionals who work with U.S. military survivors. Subscribe to the TAPS Magazine.

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Book Cover, Healing a Grandparents Heart  
A grandparent's loss packs a double whammy. There is grief for your grandchild and your child's...  More»
Grandparents Hug  
A child or young adult has died. Everyone who loved the child is now faced with mourning this tragic..  More»

Kim Ruocco and Suicide Survivor  
There are so many questions following a death by suicide. How could this happen? Why did this happen? Why didn’t I see it?  More»
Andrews, Ellen Spring 2015 issue  
Traditionally the New Year brings thoughts of renewal. A time to look forward..  More»

Peer Mentor Training  

Love, Loss, and Legacy
By Don Lipstein

In some ways March 15, 2011, seems like yesterday and in others it feels like an eternity ago..  More»
Shadow, Darkness, Light  
When I went to bed on the night of October 22, 1983, my life was stable, predictable, safe, and happy.  More»

Allgower, Ester, folded flag  

Something Borrowed, Something Blue
By Kat Stanley and Ester Allgower

A wedding is a bittersweet event when the bride and her family are still grieving the loss..  More»
Bancroft, Maria Elena  
Recuerda el amor, Celebra la vida. Comparte el viaje. Remember the love. Celebrate the life. Share the journey.  More»

Experts on grief and loss often present the "myths of mourning" as a way of challenging commonly held beliefs..  More»
Slicing Bell Pepper  
Throughout our lives different circumstances will affect our ability to eat well. One of the first things we notice about grieving...  More»

Men at Retreat  
When our son died, there were so many details and arrangements vying for attention I couldn’t begin to comprehend..  More»
Spring 2015 Cover
TAPS Magazine is dedicated to the brave men and women who died while serving with the Armed Forces, and to their survivors.
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