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Fall Cover 2014

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Greene, Wes and TAPS Mentors  

A Few Good Men
By Sarah Greene

Since the death of my husband, one of my son’s most difficult challenges, has been the desire for guidance from the most important man in his life.  More»
The Way Men Heal Book Cover  

Book Shelf: The Way Men Heal
Reviewed by Kyle Balduf

The ways we grieve are as varied as the swirls and ridges at the tips of our fingers. This is why The Way Men Heal..   More»

2014 Celebrity Classic  
A wonderful healing occurs when people gather to celebrate life. It’s a soothing balm for survivors..  More»
Rope Hammock  
I was walking through the woods the other day, completely merged with the sound..  More»

Baum, Amber Philadelphia Seminar  

Learning to Let Go
By Amber Baum

When most people hear me say I’m learning to let go, they assume I’m speaking of my late husband, Sergeant Ryan John Baum..  More»
Gileno, Zaneta  
As the season begins to change and fall is upon us, I reflect on how I came to be part of the TAPS family.  More»

Time Passing  

Now I’m Older
By Stephanie Frogge

When Robert’s older brother was killed in Iraq, his family described him as “stoic.” Having served a tour of duty himself, Robert knew the risks..  More»
Military Spouse Juris Doctorate Network Logo  
The TAPS Casework Department is proud to be available for our TAPS family members, supporting them on a wide variety of topics and issues.   More»

Magazine Covers  
Members of a family don’t always live near each other. Miles may physically separate us, yet we carry the comforting knowledge..  More»
Woman Sunset  

The Capacity to Love
By Alan D. Wolfelt

We come into the world yearning to give and receive love. Authentic love is God's greatest gift to us as human beings.   More»

Man in the Fog  

The Fog of Grief
By Betsy Beard

Most of us functioned fairly competently in our day-to-day lives, right up until someone we loved stopped living. Instantly we become disorganized, distracted, distraught..  More»
Woman Yoga  

To Your Health
By LaRita Archibald

Grieving is very hard work. It depletes energy and robs one of rest, of joy..  More»

Wright, Emma at cemetery  
Two and a half years ago today marks the darkest day I've ever known. The day when..  More»
Elm, Mike Peace Sign  

Welcome Home
By Donna Elm

We are psychologically tethered to those we love. When they die, we are cut loose from those firm moorings, so we feel adrift, disoriented.  More»

Smithson, Shaun  
Years ago, when Shaun was serving in the U.S. Air Force, his appreciation for surviving families led him to join the team of TAPS volunteers.   More»
Fall Cover 2014
TAPS Magazine is dedicated to the brave men and women who died while serving with the Armed Forces, and to their survivors.
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