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Cover Fall 2016

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Attending a Funeral  
Trust your grief skills and allow yourself to breathe in the sacred space where we honor those who are gone too soon from our lives but never our hearts.  More»
Book Cover - Both Sides Now  
Watching our loved one pass away after a long illness is a grueling nightmare..  More»

Pansini, Angel, Joe and Shannon  
Proceeds from the Colorado Celebrity Classic events help sponsor vital TAPS programs, events and healing support for families.  More»
2016 Good Grief Camp Activity - New York Life Foundation  
It was a typical workday for Marine Michael Walton, the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar command sergeant major, until he received an email..  More»

Lighting Candles in Memory of Loved One  
I might as well understand that I’m in a match where grief is my opponent for life.  More»
1de'andre Jordan  
We hear the first note of the National Anthem, direct our gaze..  More»

I grew up in Tennessee, where I remember riding along with a friend's grandfather on a combine..  More»
Parents in the Kitchen  

In the Kitchen
By Patty Reis

Our grief created a monster in our kitchen. Someday, we will hopefully find ourselves cooking together and remembering only the happy...  More»

Khobar Towers 20th Anniversary  
In 1996, the terrorist bombing of Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia took the lives of 19 U.S. Air Force personnel and wounded..  More»
Spotlight on Service: Brandi Burke  
Brandi showed up early, stayed late..   More»

EOIR - Putting for Hope  
Bonnie Carroll and survivors have embraced EOIR into the TAPS family..  More»
Washington Capitals - Media Interview  
When three Marines came to my door the morning of Dec. 14, 2011..  More»

Sneakers, Relaxing  
Autumn in my small farming town in mid-Maryland is a time of harvest and abundance.  More»
Linda Ambard by the Philadelphia HOPE sign  
I have been able to face my fears daily. They don’t rule my life.  More»

Corner Canyon Infielders  
The wearing of names on the back of uniforms is nothing new. It began as a way of identifying a favored player..  More»
Conner holding Letter  
There are people who will step into your life and help you through the turbulence..   More»

What to Expect at a Seminar  

What to Expect at a Seminar
By Dr. Carla Stumpf-Patton

For many, this is the one place they can be authentic in their grief and feel a deep connection to others.  More»
Cover Fall 2016
TAPS Magazine is dedicated to the brave men and women who died while serving with the Armed Forces, and to their survivors.
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