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TAPS MAGAZINE - Winter 2014
Winter Cover 2014

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Book, shiny background  

Books for the Holidays 2014
Reviewed by Betsy Beard

The winter holidays, with their emphasis on miracles and gifts, are difficult for those who grieve.  More»
Star, Gold Christmas  

Christmas Without Chris
By Ami Neiberger-Miller

My brother, Army Specialist Christopher Neiberger, was killed in action in Iraq in 2007 at age 22.  More»

Coping With the Holidays and Celebrations, Little Girl at Cemetery  
When a loved one has died, holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays inevitably bring fresh memories..  More»
Winter, Forest, Blue  
Unfortunately, many survivors of suicide suffer alone and in silence. The silence that surrounds them..  More»

Christmas Present, Red  
"How long has it been?" Bereaved people are often asked this question. How long does it feel like it's been?  More»
Candle, Holiday  
Holidays without your loved one can be painful and lonely. Sometimes it’s helpful to create a small ritual..  More»

Healthy Fruit  
It seems like common sense, but many people will stop eating when they are grieving. A loss of appetite is normal when experiencing grief..  More»
Muñoz, Emily Clark  
While the rest of the world opens up with holiday spirit, those of us who are not at home in a world of celebration may be tempted to close..  More»

Robert Grey, Intellidyne Founder and Bonnie Carroll  
When my father died, attaining his dreams for us seemed uncertain. I knew I would go to college, I didn’t know..  More»
Rhoten, John  
“Spending time with my mentee and watching him grow as a young adult has probably been the best experience for me,”   More»

Collins Family Photo  

The Calendar of Grief
By Marilyn Collins

While cleaning out the top of the closet in the front hall this summer, I saw a box I didn’t recognize way back in the corner..  More»
2011 Big Wild Lift Runs Finish  
By changing our name from the Run and Remember Team to Team TAPS we are opening up opportunities to participate in unlimited types of events..  More»

Remote, Finger  

To Watch or Not To Watch
By Kelly Griffith

Sitting in the darkened, crowded theater, I realized I had made a mistake. Why hadn’t I picked the cutesy cartoon..  More»
Holiday Invite  
The winter holiday season arrives each year just when we may feel like pulling the covers over our heads and ignoring it altogether.  More»

Winter Cover 2014
TAPS Magazine is dedicated to the brave men and women who died while serving with the Armed Forces, and to their survivors.
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