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TAPS MAGAZINE - Summer 2016
Cover Summer 2016

TAPS Magazine is published quarterly and sent free of charge to survivors, their friends and family, service members, and professionals who work with U.S. military survivors. Subscribe to the TAPS Magazine.

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Survivor Adventure Group  
How do you know if you are ready to be invited into another person’s life - someone who has lost a loved one..  More»
Bonds of Friendship  
Campers of all ages and mentors are busy from the moment the National Good Grief Camp starts.  More»

Grief Tides  
The ocean is so enormous and vast that it puts me into perspective.  More»
Healing Stories - Transcend Cultural Boundaries  
Not every TAPS survivor is able to attend one of our healing events.  More»

Healing Your Grieving Heart - Outdoors  

Healing Your Grieving Heart
By Bonnie Carroll and Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt

For many people, it is restorative and energizing to spend time outside. Nature’s timeless beauty can be healing.  More»
Hiking the PCT  
After losing a sibling, it is common to realize your identity..  More»

Cultural Grief  
The grief journey is not individualistic, but rather to be shared..  More»
Letters From TAPS - American Flag on Gravestone  
You may choose to step into the sunshine and feel the warmth upon your face..  More»

Joseph W. Perry  

Lifelines of Hope
By Dr. Carla Stumpf-Patton

In the early days of grief, we may wonder if happiness will return or when we will experience laughter ..  More»
Off the Hook - Park Art  
Like many of you, I ignored the calls at first. I made sure everyone else in my family was okay..  More»

Safe Zones  
TAPS was born, from a visceral understanding that feeling..  More»
Women at Cemetery  
For better or for worse we live in an age of social media. We get our news from it, our recipes..  More»

Good Grief Camp Kids  
The ocean is so enormous and vast that it puts me into perspective.  More»
Stronger - walking on the beach  

Stronger Every Day
By Emily Munoz

When you are ready to become newly proud of who you are and how you are living, when you don’t just want to endure..  More»

Summer Reading List  

Summer Reading List for Kids
By Jonathan Kirkendall

When I began as a group leader at Good Grief Camps, I turned to books..  More»
Dirt on Grief Camps - campers walking over bridge  

The Dirt on Grief Camps
By Molly Pickett and Dr. Tina Barrett

You may choose to step into the sunshine and feel the warmth upon your face..  More»

The Nature of Grief  

The Nature of Grief
By Zaneta M. Gileno LMSC

Our Care Groups are a space to come together for tears, but also for laughter.  More»
Tribe book cover  

Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging
Reviewed by Maj. Jerry Landrum

War correspondent and documentarian Sebastian Junger’s book..  More»

Survivors walking on the Beach  
Those of us who work in bereavement know there is no one way to grieve and many ways to support..  More»
Cover Summer 2016
TAPS Magazine is dedicated to the brave men and women who died while serving with the Armed Forces, and to their survivors.
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