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TAPS MAGAZINE - Spring 2016
Cover Spring 2016

TAPS Magazine is published quarterly and sent free of charge to survivors, their friends and family, service members, and professionals who work with U.S. military survivors. Subscribe to the TAPS Magazine.

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Create Your Own Finish Line  
Team TAPS has been leading runners along race courses from Washington, D.C., to Anchorage, Alaska, for 15 years..  More»
Carroll, Bonnie Presidential Medal of Freedom.  

Freedom for All
By Bonnie Carroll

I come from a family that understands that freedom is a privilege that must be protected, and that love is the deepest blessing.   More»

Friends of TAPS: DynCorp  
Since 2001, DynCorp International has lost 84 teammates while supporting our nation’s foreign policy objectives. The sacrifice of these contractors is not..  More»
Good Grief Camp Corner  

Good Grief Camp Corner
By Jonathan Kirkendall

It was May 2006. I was a mental health professional, and was standing in the lobby of the Doubletree Hotel feeling lost.  More»

Grief is Powerful  
My parents survived the Holocaust, so people who had been wrenched through horror and loss raised me.  More»
How are Pain and Love Connected?  
As I sat with the other panelists in the opening session of my fourth TAPS National Military Suicide Survivor Seminar, and looked out..  More»

teams4taps on the road with the NBA  
Military families are frequently called to live far from home. Whether they are stationed ..  More»
Letter From TAPS: We’ve Got You Covered  
Winter can be a harsh, bleak expanse of empty days and introspection. We understand that, as another season..  More»

Memorial Day: A National Debt, A Personal Price  
Memorial Day was a first step toward national unity in a deeply divided country. With origins in..  More»
Re-envisioning Our Resolutions  
This year, I’m going to run more. I’m going to be more decisive. I’m going to take more risks..  More»

Spotlight on Service: Emily Hoey  
Our TAPS family knows that we travel this road together – through the best times and the worst. As we move toward hope, talking and sharing..  More»
Summer Good Grief Camp Opportunities  
This summer, TAPS has space for more than 80 surviving children from around the country to gather to gather in California and North Carolina..  More»

Top Resolutions  
In 2010 I lost 150 pounds that came from the deepest folds of my heart..  More»
Ruocco Family  

Transforming Experience Into Advocacy
By Kim Ruocco and Emily Muñoz

At last year’s National Military Suicide Survivor Seminar I looked around at a room filled with people I trust..  More»

Walking in the Shadow of a Hero  
Thanksgiving 2005 was a quiet family affair. Capt. Tom Hanrahan and his wife, Kim, stayed home in their quarters on Fort Polk..  More»
Where Will You Be on Memorial Day?  

Where Will You Be on Memorial Day?
By Jennifer McCollum-Allen

One day in the year marks a moment that binds us together as a family: Memorial Day.  More»

Cover Spring 2016
TAPS Magazine is dedicated to the brave men and women who died while serving with the Armed Forces, and to their survivors.
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