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TAPS MAGAZINE - Spring 2014
Spring 2014 Cover

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2013 National Parade  
When someone we love dies, the world as we once knew it no longer exists. We find ourselves on a journey..  More»
Boxes in the Attic, Part 2  
It is said that one of the tasks of grieving is to relocate the loved one from being a physical presence to that..  More»

Griffith - Cold Hands  

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts
By Kelly Griffith

Sitting on the plane from Seattle to Anchorage, my heart was a mix of emotions.  More»
Book, Finding Peace Without All the Pieces  

Finding Peace Without All the Pieces
Reviewed by Rebecca Morrison

A few months after the suicide death of my beloved husband Ian, my academic side..  More»

2014 Wisconsin Seminar and Camp  
Oshkosh Defense, America's leading provider of tactical wheeled vehicles for our armed forces, has generously supported TAPS..  More»
Woman Opening the Curtains  

Guilt—What It Is
By Bob Baugher

After your loved one died, did you find yourself saying things such as: I should’ve, I shouldn’t have, If only, I wish I would’ve, or why didn’t I?  More»

Tulip Blossom  

I Didn’t Cry This Morning
By Dennis L. Apple

During my lifetime I have endured a few severe winters, eagerly looking forward to spring.  More»
Collins - Traveling Back  

On Traveling Back
By Marilyn Collins

Grief is both my friend and my enemy. My friend, because it is always with me, ever present. It can also be my enemy because it gives me no warning..  More»

2014 National Good Grief Camp  
The prospect of attending college, secondary education, or trade school is an exciting time..  More»
Carroll, Bonnie at Camp Pendleton  
Safe enough to cry, safe enough to laugh, safe enough to share dreams. Twenty years ago, one of those dreams became a reality..  More»

Wright, Emma  
During the dark times in our lives our hearts build up walls as a way to protect us from further pain.  More»
Bunting, Nicki  
Nicki Bunting may be a busy single mom to two active little boys, but she also cares about helping others and wants to give back to the community.   More»

Beach Memorial  
I often say that when words are inadequate, we should turn to ritual.  More»
Spring 2014 Cover
TAPS Magazine is dedicated to the brave men and women who died while serving with the Armed Forces, and to their survivors.
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