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Your world has just shattered; you are looking for someone who understands, someone who will listen. If this sounds a little or a lot like how you're feeling, a TAPS peer mentor can be that compassionate presence for you!

A TAPS peer mentor is a caring individual who is also a survivor and who is further along the journey.  A source of companionship, understanding, and hope.  A person who has experienced a similar loss and has been trained in how to companion someone else who is grieving.  A one-on-one connection that can be in-person, over the phone, email - whatever is most comfortable for you.  

Peer mentors are survivors who volunteer their time to reach out and support others.  They are not mental health professionals and have no formal clinical training.  Your TAPS peer mentor shares an experience of loss and will devote their time, attention, and their heart to you - survivor to survivor.  They will walk beside you for as long as you need.

Would you like to connect with another survivor? Call us today at 800-959-8277 to request a TAPS Peer Mentor or visit our website at www.taps.org/peermentors.


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Please Note

If you would feel more comfortable connecting with a grief/mental health counselor or therapist, please call the TAPS National Military Survivor Helpline at (800) 959-8277.

TAPS is here for you and ever-present to share the journey and connect you to resources, support, and hope.

Peer Mentor Wendy Fish
Peer Mentor Kellie Hazlett
Peer Mentor Don Lipstein
Peer Mentors Jolene and Jeff Niehaus
Peer Mentor Kelley Stillman
Peer Mentor Kimberly Taylor
Peer Mentor Andy Weiss
Peer Mentor Nicole Coan
"I eventually turned to TAPS after reading an article in its magazine... to see if they could help me navigate the horrible grief I drowned in every day. TAPS jumped in with open arms to help me and my children on the journey to recovery. I was assigned two peer mentors who contacted me religiously for months to check in on me. I found friendship and support from other survivors. It has now been three and a half years since [my husband's] death, and I am finally at a point where I want to give back."
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