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If you're living a life you never thought you'd live... 
If you're living a life you never thought you'd live...You might as well do things you never thought you could.    

After the death of a loved one, the entire landscape of life changes - routine becomes rigorous, familiar becomes foreign. This, after all, was not the plan. This was not on your map. But maybe, in those dark moments where you've felt small and powerless, you've also sensed that you are meant to do something big. 

It's not like you're in your comfort zone anyway.   

Share a truly fearless journey with TAPS survivors as we venture into the wilderness. Every step on our trek or climb will move us farther away from feelings of doubt, fear, and insignificance. As guests of the mountain, we will be led to consider what we really can control. We will learn to trust our guides, our team, and our gear. Our choices will matter.


June 8 - June 12, 2017
Whitewater Expedition Thumbnail
San Juan Islands Kayaking Expedition
July 27-July 29
San Juans Kayaking Thumbnail
Mount Shasta Climbing Expedition
Sept. 7-Sept. 10
Mount Shasta Expedition Thumbnail

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