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TAPS Peer Mentor Program

Peer Mentor and WidowRemember the early days of grief?  Remember how it felt to find someone who reached out his or her hand in the spirit of compassion and care?  Are you ready to be that comforting presence for another?  Become a TAPS peer mentor and learn skills to companion a fellow adult survivor.

Companioning:  being an active participant in another person's grief journey  - Dr. Alan Wolfelt 

TAPS peer mentors have reached a place in their journey where they can now offer their time and their heart to a newly bereaved person.   

Ask yourself the following:

  • Are you an adult survivor at least 18 months beyond the loss of your loved one?
  • Are you ready to listen to another's grief story without focusing on your own grief?
  • Have you taken care of yourself in order to meet the needs of others?

If you answered "Yes", you can be a guide to a new survivor.  You can be a beacon of hope for them, provide them a safe place to share, and validate their emotions and experience.  You can be a TAPS peer mentor!

To become a part of the TAPS Peer Support Network, there are three steps.  

Steps to become a TAPS Peer Mentor:

  1. Complete the Peer Mentor Application
  2. Complete the written online training module with exam (at your own pace) 
  3. Attend a classroom training (2 options available):
    • Interactive, live, web-based training (WBT) 
    • Traditional classroom training

Once you complete the Peer Mentor Application, the Peer Mentor program staff will review your application and email you with more information about the online training module with exam as well as information about the classroom training (WBT or traditional).

To enable more survivors to have access to the classroom portion of the Peer Mentor training, we now offer two options: interactive, live web-based training (WBT) and the traditional classroom training at one of our Nationals Seminars each year. The WBT is conducted on the Internet with a program called Go To Meeting where you will be in live discussion with Peer Mentor program staff and other survivors taking the training.

Should I take the Web-based Training or the Traditional Classroom Training?

Interactive, live web-based training (WBT):

  • Learn and participate in the comfort of your own home
  • Choose from multiple WBT dates each month on varying dates and times
  • Must have a reliable computer, speakers, webcam and microphone

Traditional Classroom Training:

  • In-person, classroom style setting
  • Available twice a year: National Military Survivor Seminar (Memorial weekend) or National Military Suicide Survivor Seminar (each Fall) 1 day, 9-4pm

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TAPS peer mentors are the foundation of our mission.  Join with others at TAPS who are part of the circle of love, understanding, and hope.


Check out our frequently asked questions or contact us directly at 1-800-959-TAPS (8277) or via email at peermentors@taps.org

Peer Mentor Wendy Fish
Peer Mentor Kellie Hazlett
Peer Mentor Don Lipstein
Peer Mentors Jolene and Jeff Niehaus
Peer Mentor Kelley Stillman
Peer Mentor Kimberly Taylor
Peer Mentor Andy Weiss
Peer Mentor Nicole Coan

Peer Mentor Training Dates

2 options are available to choose from:
1) Web-based Training (WBT)*
4 hour sessions beginning January 14
  • Wednesday, Apr 5, 2017
    9 AM - 1 PM Eastern
  • Sunday, Apr 23, 2017
    6 PM - 10 PM Eastern
  • Tuesday, Apr 25, 2017
    6 PM - 10 PM Eastern
  • Wednesday, May 17, 2017
    9 AM - 1 PM Eastern
  • Tuesday, Jun 6, 2017
    6 PM - 10 PM Eastern
  • Sunday, Jun 11, 2017
    6 PM - 10 PM Eastern
  • Wednesday, Jun 14, 2017
    9 AM - 1 PM Eastern
2) Traditional Classroom Training*
  • The next classroom training will be held during the National Military Survivor Seminar in May, 2017. Date and time will be posted later, please check back!
*The Peer Mentor program staff must review and accept your completed Peer Mentor Application before you can sign up for the WBT or the traditional classroom training.
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